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Written by Kevin Koresky    Thursday, 08 July 2010 00:39    PDF Print E-mail
A Minute with Chris Horner of Team Radio Shack






We caught up with Chris Horner, of Team Radio Shack, at the 2010 Amgen Tour of Califonia.  


KK: How did your time trial go today?

CH: It was a hard day. This course is setup for a pure time trialist everything here is flat. There are a few little bumps on both circuits but they just aren’t big enough to put any time on the guys. The pure time trialist just get right up them.  


KK: How you feel about Team Radio Shacks showing here at the Amgen Tour of California?

CH: I think we were really strong and I think had a chance to do something amazing until we lost Jose Luis ‘Chechu’ Rubiera and Lance Armstrong.  That is 2/5 of our GC guys, which we could have used in the climb

through Big Bear. We could have had 5 guys up front early and then had the other five take over later in the day.


KK: So cycling is more of a team sport than most people thing?

CH: Absolutely, we really needed Lance and Chechu yesterday. On the climb through Big Bear we started out attack to late. If we had our whole team we could have rode strong from the bottom to the top. We tried to play out team tactics. If I had pushed the wattage to early in the climbs it would have left Levi and that wouldn’t have been good.  So yes we needed our complete team.


KK: How does the team fine-tune things as you get ready to race the Tour de France?

CH: For me, I would like to take a break and not race until France but I don’t think that is what we are going to get. So we just have to do what we need to do.


KK: Good luck to you and Team Radio Shack.

CH: Thank you!

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