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Race Conduct: Endangerment






This week's rule is 3.4l—Endangerment. 

Violators of this rule shall receive a disqualification, so it is important that participants are aware of their surroundings and do not behave in a reckless manner. 

Some examples of behavior warranting an endangerment penalty are:

  • A cyclist who veers into the lane another cyclist is using to pass, causing the other cyclist to move into an oncoming traffic lane;
  • a cyclist who tosses his water bottle in the path of another cyclist, possibly causing that cyclist to crash;
  • any reckless act in traffic which might lead to a car-cycle crash; and many other similar types of behavior. 
Triathlon, particularly the cycling portion where bikes and motor vehicles share the road, entails significant risk and it is the responsibility of all competitors to follow the rules and use good judgment at all times during competition. 

Here's the rule:

3.4l. Endangerment.

No participant shall commit any dangerous act which could cause injury to any participant. Any violation of this section shall result in disqualification.

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