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Written by Cliff English (Coach)    Monday, 16 August 2010 14:58    PDF Print E-mail
Big Race Do's and Don'ts






Over the years at major races, world championships, Olympics I have witnessed very experienced athletes falter and it wasn't as much on race day as it was in the pre-race week. Even the best need to take a deep breath and stick to the plan they set and be confident in it. The taper week of a major race is definitely what I call "bubble wrap" time. The work is done and now all you have to do is stay healthy, don't trip or fall down a stair case and make sure to get the start line in one piece. Today I am going to arm you with some pre-race rules and tips to help you on your way to racing success.


  • Listen to some good advice and take what makes sense but during pre-race week at big races with all the talks and clinics going on at the expo it can be very overwhelming. Be confident in your plan.
  • Do come to race week with your schedule planned and even printed out as a week schedule. There is a lot happening and you do not want to miss an important pre-race meeting because a last minute opportunity came up to ride the course with Peter Reid.
  • Stick to your pre-race taper plan but be sure to be somewhat flexible as well so if the pool is closed or totally packed when you are supposed to do 10x 50m then either what until it is open or go down to the beach and do 10x 30-40strokes in the ocean
    or lake.
  • Rest.
  • Study the race course, transition area and train on the course as well. If it is an IM then you will definitely want to drive the course and only run and ride selected areas of the course. At Kona it is recommended to train early and late to stay out of the midday heat. Your heat acclimatization is done at this juncture and most race week training should be done in more favourable conditions.
  • Be ready to deal with many distractions. Use the stopwatch if necessary to keep an eye on time as a simple swim on the race course can lead to an hour at the expo and then a few more hours catching up with old friends and next thing you know you are hungry, tired and dehydrated.
  • Come with all your plans set: nutrition plan, race strategy, and race equipment set. There is no need for a last minute shopping spree at the expo the next before the race.
  • Rest. Did I say this before? Lot's of rest!
  • Be prepared for the super bowl of triathlon at a world champs. Crowds, mayhem, distractions. Stick to your plan and all will go as planned!

Do Not

  • Be sure to not train too much or get lured into racing in your taper training sessions. VERY tempting. Taper training should be light with some pick ups and if you can't keep the ego checked at the door then train alone in race week. If it feels easy keep it that way. Do not force the effort.
  • Do not spend too much time on the beach sun tanning because you feel pale compared to the rest of the triathlon world. Get some spray on tan and have yourself a good race!
  • Do not change all your gear just because the expo had some great new tri-suit or run shoes that you hadn't seen before. Stick with the plan!! All your gear should have been used in training or in previous races so you know what to expect from them.
  • Do not try all the new sport nutrition products that you can find at the expo on race day. Go with what you prepared with and then for the next race you can try something new.
  • Do not over think! Relax and rest up!

So until next time stick to the plan and the race will be easy...less hard!

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