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USAT Rule Article 5.4: Traffic Laws






This rule is extremely important to understand, since it is one of the commonly violated rules and failure to abide by traffic laws may result not only in a penalty, but injury or worse. The rule requires cyclists to obey all traffic laws unless directed otherwise by an official, police, or course monitor. That means if there is a traffic light or stop sign on a course and no one is monitoring the traffic and allowing cyclists to have the right-of-way, the cyclists must come to a stop if the light is red and not proceed until the light turns green. At a stop sign, the cyclist must come to a complete

stop and put a foot down before proceeding. Cyclists may not go out of a coned area if not allowed to do so. 

In almost all events, there are traffic monitors who wave cyclists through traffic signals, but if the monitors are not present, the cyclist must obey the law. That is for the cyclists’ protection. 

Here’s the rule:

5.4 Traffic Laws. All participants must obey all traffic laws while on the cycling course unless otherwise specifically directed by a USA Triathlon official, race monitor or designee with actual authority. Unless otherwise directed in accordance with the preceding sentence, all participants shall come to a complete stop when required by a traffic sign or traffic control device and shall not proceed through any intersection unless such intersection is clear of oncoming traffic. In no case shall a cyclist cross a solid yellow line indicating a no passing zone. Any violation of this section shall result in disqualification or a variable time penalty as determined in the sole discretion of the head referee.

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