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USAT Rules Cycling Conduct: Blocking






The next rule we’ll be covering is Article 5.10d. — Blocking.

The rule disallows any action on the part of a cyclist that would impede the forward progress of a passing cyclist.  Examples of how a cyclist might violate the rule include, riding on the far left side of the lane of travel and preventing a cyclist from passing on the left, riding on the left side and forcing a passing cyclist to slow down or pass on the right, moving left in

front of a passing cyclist so as to force the passing cyclist to veer left or right and other behavior which serves to actively impede forward progress. 

When passing, a participant must pass to the left, but should leave room to his left for others to pass.  Remember to keep right except when passing. A cyclist only has 15 seconds to be in the passing lane before completing the pass. 

Here’s the rule:

5.10d. Blocking.
Cyclists must not block or obstruct the progress of another participant.


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