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USAT Cycling Conduct: Being Overtaken






This week we continue Cycling Conduct rules with 5.10g — Being Overtaken.

The overtaken rule defines what a cyclist must do if passed by another rider. Once the leading edge of the front wheel of the passing cyclist passes beyond the front wheel of the rider being passed, the trailing rider has been overtaken. The overtaken rider must exit the draft zone to the rear and while doing so, may not attempt to re-pass or move into the left lane until he/she has moved completely out of the draft zone to the


Common violations of the overtaken rule occur when the passed rider speeds up and re-passes before completely exiting the draft zone to the rear, failing to exit to the rear within 15 seconds, or moving left and riding in the passing lane instead of exiting rear.

Here's the rule:

5.10g. Being Overtaken.
When the leading edge of the front wheel of one cyclist passes beyond the front wheel of another cyclist, the second cyclist has been "overtaken" within the meaning of these Rules. A cyclist who has been overtaken bears primary responsibility for avoiding a position foul and must immediately move to the rear and out of the drafting zone of the passing cyclist. The overtaken cyclist shall first move completely out of the drafting zone of the other cyclist before attempting to re-pass the other cyclist.




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