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Setting up your Transition Area






Do you want to keep your transition times low? Here are some helpful tips on how to setup your transition area race morming. 

  • The transition area is only as wide as the handlebars of your bike and directly underneath your bike. ¬†
  • Some races will assign racks by race number, age group, gender and some have open racking. (Ironman distance races: bikes are racked by race number, your gear¬†is¬†packed in transition bags and staged in specific areas)
  • Find your rack in transition and rack your bike. (Do this before getting body marked. The ends of the racks offer more space.)
  • Lay a towel down next to your
  • On the towel, place your cycling shoes¬†closest to you¬†and your running shoes toward the back of the towel. (If you wear socks pre-roll them, it is tough to pull them over wet feet.) (IPods are illegal)
  • Place all running accessories together. Preferably on top of your shoes.
  • Your bike helmet should be placed on your bike topside down. Place biking accessories in the helmet. (sun glasses, race number, glide etc.)
  • Place your bike bottles in the bike cages.
  • Place a hand towel and water bottle in a convenient place. You may need them to wash debris off your feet.
  • Look your transition area over before heading out the starting line. You want to make sure you have everything and that it is set up to your liking.
  • Adding transition practices to your training schedule is as important swimming, biking and running.


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