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Written by Team Wurtele    Tuesday, 22 March 2011 16:33    PDF Print E-mail
Blister Relief






The next time a blister makes its way onto your foot you may want to think about using Duct Tape as a cover up.  Most Band-Aids or blister solutions don’t stick enough to stay on over the course of a sweaty run.  Granted, Duct Tape doesn’t always work either, but generally much better than anything else.  I’ve even tried gluing an

inner tube patch to my heel, to no avail.  Usually a colored variety of Duct Tape seems to work better than the normal silver stuff.  The trick is to swab the area with alcohol and put the tape on while the tape is warm.   If you get a good fix you won’t feel a thing from the blister (which should be drained).

Duct tape also works well for patching holes in your shoes.  Once I find a pair of shoes I like, I stay with them as long as I can.  I have a large spur on my heel that destroys shoes before the soles are done.  Duct tape is a savior.


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