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2009 USAT & Kona Approved Speedsuits List






Here is the list of USAT approved speedsuits for 2009

Aqua Sphere Ironman Skinsuit
Xterra Velocity 0.02. swimsuit
Xterra Velocity 0.02+. swimsuit
Xterra Velocity 0.02++. swimsuit
2XU Kona Fusion Speed Suit
Zoot Ultra Speed Suit
Sailfish Furious
Aquaman Insulator
Maystorm skinsuits

Rocket Science Rocket Skin
Camaro Seamless Modetec Swim Shorty 0,3
Camaro Seamless Modetec Swim Shorty 0,5
Camaro Seamless Modetec Swimsuit "Dynamic Cut" 0,5
Camaro Seamless Modetec Swimsuit "Dynamic Cut" 0,3
Camaro Seamless Modetec Swimsuit "Dynamic Cut" 0,3
Seamless Swim Shorty
Camaro Seamless Swimsuit "Dynamic Cut"
Camaro Seamless Dynamic Pants
TYR Sayonara
Tri11 SCS Suit
Orca RS1 Killa Race Suit
Orca RS1 Body Suit
Orca RS1 Aero Race suit
Nineteen Frequency SS

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