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Written by Kevin Koresky    Tuesday, 06 October 2009 03:07    PDF Print E-mail
A trick to the trade: Using rubber bands






Yes you read that correctly, using rubber bands. After looking over the pro rack at the recent LA Triathlon, I noticed rubber bands keep their bike shoes parallel to the ground. Keeping the shoes from dragging on the ground. These men and women do not put their shoes on before getting on the bike; they already have them clipped to the pedals. Remember for them time is money.  For age groupers time is a podium spot or a championship qualification.

Tricks to keeping your shoes from dragging or popping off while running with you bike to the mounting area:

1. Lube the
inner heal of your bike shoes (Bodyglide, Shammy Butter etc.)
2. Put your bike into the gear you want to start with. An easy spinning gear is suggested.
3. Clip shoes into pedals
4. Loop a rubber band around the back strap of the shoe (left)
5. Loop the rubber band round the quick release
6. The shoe should be parallel to the ground
7. Loop a rubber band around the back strap of the shoe (right)
8. Loop the rubber band around the derailleur or bottle cage
9. Once you start pedaling the rubber bands will break off


1. If you do not have a strap on the back of the shoe you can use the pedal or crank arm.
2. Make sure the rubber band does not tae way from the mechanics of the bike.
3. Velcro triathlon bike shoes are recommended but not required. Bike shoes can be used.
4. Practice during you brick training session; do not try this on race day.


"Nothing New On Race Day!"

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