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XTERRA WETSUITS: Professional Triathlete Swim Tips






by: Linsey Corbin – USA
Linsey placed 5th (1st American) at the 2008 Ironman World Championships. She placed 2nd at Ironman Arizona 2009. Her preferred wetsuit is the Vendetta, and her preferred speedsuit is the Velocity++. She has been wearing XTERRA WETSUITS since 2008.

  1. Pre race- Arrive at the race start earlier than you think. This way you can make sure you are organized and not stressed out. It also leaves you plenty of time to head down to the water to get in the great swim warm-up.
  2. Warm up- I highly recommend a big swim warm up. As an age grouper, I never warmed up. I now spend nearly 20-30 minutes warming up and activating my muscles so they are ready to roll when the cannon fires.
  3. Before the gun goes- For a treading water start, bring your feet up to the surface of the water so your body is horizontal. That way when the cannon fires you are ready to go.
  4. Have a plan- Have a plan for how you are going to handle the start of the race. Kona (or wherever you may be racing) is chaotic, be prepared for it to be crowded and aggressive. How are you going to handle this stress in a positive manner to make sure you have a great swim? Know that everyone else is getting clobbered as well. Being aggressive towards your competitors is a waste of energy. 
  5. Break it down- Break your Ironman (or no matter the length) swim down into segments. The first part of the swim is all about putting your head down and finding feet to follow. There is no need to sight the first part of the race. Next up - once you have found feet, find a good rhythm. 
  6. Kona specific- Many people don't realize Kona has a great pool (that is free). Swimming in the pool race week is a great opportunity to activate your muscles and remind them how to swim with a good rhythm.  And, if you are not racing Kona but have a few days at your race location, look on-line for a YMCA or local pool who will let you warm up for free or a few bucks.
  7. Speedsuit (or wetsuit)- Make sure you have a speedsuit that fits well - it will cut minutes off your race time. I recommend the fastest one in the market - the XTERRA Velocity! 

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